My life as a professional video game player


I am a professional video game player. I play video games for a living. I make my living playing video games. I travel the world playing video games. I am a professional video game player.

I started playing video games when I was just a kid. I would play them for hours on end. I was good at them, and I loved playing them. I knew I wanted to be a professional video game player when I was just a kid. And so, I set out to make my dream a reality.

I started playing competitively when I was in high school. I played in tournaments and won some of them. I started to make a name for myself in the competitive scene. And then, after I graduated from high school, I went pro.

I started playing professionally in 2011. I joined a team and we started traveling to tournaments all over the world. We won some of them, and we lost some of them. But it was an amazing experience. I got to see the world and meet so many amazing people.

I continued playing professionally for a few years. And then, in 2015, I decided to retire. I was burned out and I needed a break. So, I quit professional gaming and took a break from the world of competitive gaming.

But I missed it. I missed the competition and the camaraderie. And so, in 2017, I decided to come out of retirement. And I rejoined the professional gaming world.

And that’s where I am today. I’m still traveling the world, playing video games and competing in tournaments. I’m living my dream, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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