Isabella’s balloon animal tutorial: How to make a poodle


In this tutorial, we’ll be learning how to make a balloon animal poodle. This is a great design for beginners, as it only uses a few basic shapes. And once you’ve mastered the poodle, you can move on to more complex balloon animals.

To make a balloon animal poodle, you’ll need:

-1 pink balloon
-1 white balloon
-1 black Sharpie
-1 pair of scissors

Step 1: Inflate the pink balloon to about 11 inches. Tie off the end to keep the air in.

Step 2: Make a basic balloon dog shape by twisting the balloon a few times near the tied-off end to form the body, then making two loops for the legs.

Step 3: For the head, inflate the white balloon to about 8 inches. Make a small loop and twist it a few times to secure. Then, holding the base of theloop, twist the balloon a few more times to form the dog’s head.

Step 4: Attach the head to the body by inserting the end of the white balloon into the pink balloon and twisting it a few times.

Step 5: To make the poodle’s ears, take the sharpie and draw a small black dot on each side of the head.

Step 6: For the poodle’s nose, cut a small triangle out of the black Sharpie and attach it to the center of the dog’s face.

Step 7: Finally, to make the poodle’s curly tail, take the end of the pink balloon and twist it a few times. Then, holding the base of the twist, twist the balloon a few more times to form a small curl. Repeat this process until you have the desired number of curls.

There you have it! Your very own balloon animal poodle.

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