I Tried The ‘Bed Of Nails’ Acupressure Mat For A Month & This Is What Happened


I had seen the Bed of Nails acupressure mat advertised online and was intrigued. I suffer from chronic back pain and was looking for anything that might help relieve it. I decided to give the mat a try for one month to see if it made a difference.

The first few days were tough as my body adjusted to the pressure of the mat. I felt a lot of pain in my back and legs as the needles stimulated pressure points. However, after a few days, the pain lessened and I began to feel more relaxed.

I used the mat for about 30 minutes each day, lying down on it in my underwear. I found that it was best to use the mat after a hot shower when my muscles were warm and relaxed.

After a week or so, I started to notice a difference in my back pain. It was not gone completely, but it was definitely lessened. I also found that I was sleeping better at night and feeling more rested in the morning.

After a month of using the Bed of Nails acupressure mat, I can say that it definitely helped reduce my back pain. It was not a cure-all, but it did make a noticeable difference. If you suffer from chronic back pain, I would recommend giving this mat a try.

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