I Took a Picture of the Moon and Got Arrested!


It was a dark, moonless night. I was out for a walk, enjoying the peace and quiet, when I saw a bright light in the sky. I looked up and saw the moon! I was so excited, I pulled out my phone and took a picture.

Suddenly, I heard shouting. I turned around and saw a group of men running towards me. I was confused and scared. Before I could run, they were upon me. They grabbed my arms and started questioning me.

Apparently, taking pictures of the moon is against the law. I was arrested and taken to the station. I was fingerprinted and my mugshot was taken. I was released on bail and have to go to court next month.

I never imagined that taking a picture of the moon could land me in so much trouble. If you’re thinking of doing the same, be careful! You could end up like me – in jail for taking a picture of the moon!

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