I Taught My Dog to Use the Internet, and It’s Hilarious


I taught my dog to use the internet, and it’s hilarious.

My dog, a labradoodle named Simon, is my best friend. He’s always been a smart dog, but I never thought he could learn to use the internet. But I was wrong.

It all started when I was trying to teach him how to use a computer. I was showing him how to click the mouse, and he was doing pretty well. But then he started sniffing the keyboard and getting way too excited. I tried to keep him focused, but it was impossible.

Eventually, I gave up and let him sniff the keyboard. And that’s when he hit the enter key and the internet browser opened up. I couldn’t believe it.

I then showed him how to navigate to his favorite website, Dogster.com. He was so excited, his tail was wagging a mile a minute. And when he saw all the dog pictures and videos on the site, he went crazy.

Now, every day, I let him use the computer for a few minutes. He loves it, and it’s hilarious to see him surfing the web. He’s even learned how to bark at the screen when he wants to watch a specific video.

It’s amazing what dogs can learn to do when you give them a chance. If you have a dog, I highly recommend teaching them how to use the internet. It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly they learn.

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