I Taught My Dog To Use The Internet And He’s A Better Person Than I’ll Ever Be


I’ve owned dogs all my life. I grew up with them, and my family always had at least two. But about a year ago, I decided to get a dog of my own. I wanted a small dog that I could take with me everywhere, and that’s when I met Max.

Max is a miniature schnauzer, and he’s the best dog I’ve ever had. He’s smart, affectionate, and loves to learn new things. I quickly realized that Max was a special dog, and I decided to start teaching him tricks.

One of the first tricks I taught Max was how to use the Internet.

I know it sounds crazy, but Max is really good at using the computer. He can browse the web, check his email, and even do a little online shopping. He’s even better than I am at using the Internet!

I taught Max how to use the Internet so that he could stay connected with his doggy friends. He has a Facebook account, and he loves posting pictures and videos of himself.

Max is also a big fan of online shopping. He loves looking at all the different dog toys and bones that he can buy. He’s even managed to get me to buy him a few things!

Overall, I’m really proud of Max. He’s a great dog, and he’s definitely smarter than I am. I think he’s going to be a better person than I’ll ever be!

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