I Taught My Dog How to Use the Internet and He’s Way Smarter Than Me Now


I taught my dog how to use the internet and now he is way smarter than me. It all started when I was trying to teach him how to fetch. I would say “fetch” and he would just look at me blankly. So, I tried Googling “how to teach a dog to fetch” and found this really great article. I followed the instructions and within a few minutes, my dog was fetching like a pro!

Now, my dog is way smarter than me when it comes to using the internet. He can find anything he wants in just a few seconds. And, he is always finding new and interesting things to do online. Just the other day, he found a website that allowed him to create his own comic strip. He was so excited to show me his creation.

I am really glad that I taught my dog how to use the internet. It has made him a lot smarter and more well-rounded. And, it’s also given me a great way to bond with him.

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