How to train your dragon in 10 easy steps!


1. Choose the right dragon. There are many different types of dragons, so it’s important to select one that is compatible with your personality and lifestyle. Do some research to learn about the different breeds and their characteristics.

2. Acquire the proper supplies. In addition to a dragon, you’ll need a few supplies to get started, including a collar and leash, food and water dishes, and a bed.

3. Establish rules and boundaries. It’s important to establish rules and boundaries from the beginning. This will help your dragon know what is expected of him and help to prevent behavioral problems down the road.

4. Start with basic obedience training. Teach your dragon basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and down. As he masters these commands, you can begin to add more difficult tricks to his repertoire.

5. Socialize your dragon. It’s important to socialize your dragon so that he is comfortable around people and other animals. Attend a dragon training class, or host a playdate with a friend’s dragon.

6. Exercise your dragon. Dragons are active creatures and need plenty of exercise to stay healthy. Take him for walks, play games, and give him plenty of room to roam.

7. Train your dragon to use the restroom outside. This is an important step in keeping your home clean and preventing accidents. Start by teaching your dragon to use a litter box, and then gradually move it outside.

8. Feed your dragon a healthy diet. A healthy diet is important for all animals, and dragons are no exception. Offer a variety of healthy foods, and avoid processed foods and sugary treats.

9. groom your dragon. Dragons need to be groomed on a regular basis to maintain their health and appearance. Brush his teeth, trim his nails, and bathe him as needed.

10. Have fun! Training your dragon can be a fun and rewarding experience for both of you. Take your time, be patient, and enjoy the process.

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