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How to tell if you're Actually a Cat

Many individuals feel a strong connection to our feline companions, but have you ever pondered if you might genuinely be a cat on a metaphysical level? This idea may seem ridiculous, but some people claim to experience an uncanny affinity with cats, identifying more with feline mannerisms, habits, and behaviors than with traditional human traits. Before we delve into unraveling this mysteriously delightful phenomenon, it is important to note that this is a light-hearted exploration; we aren't suggesting that you are literally a feline creature or encouraging any unhealthy delusions.

The first tell-tale sign that you might be akin to a cat is the preference for solitude. Cats are renowned for being solitary creatures, and if you find yourself gravitating towards spending time alone rather than being surrounded by a crowd, this might be a sign of your feline identity. Cats value their peace and tranquility, often finding pleasure in their playing, sleeping, or even hunting their toys. Do you feel the same satisfaction and contentment when left to your own devices, away from the interference of others?

The next comportment to examine is your sleep cycle. Cats are crepuscular animals, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk. If you find yourself awakening with a burst of energy and enthusiasm at these times or you are naturally inclined towards activity during dusk and dawn, while preferring to remain dormant during peak human activity hours, your inner cat might be revealing itself. Not to be overlooked is the classic cat nap – if you keenly enjoy and frequently engage in short, refreshing naps throughout the day, you might find solidarity with our feline friends.

Another question to ponder – how do you react when someone tries to tell you what to do? Cats are infamous for their independent, stubborn nature. They are not fond of being told what to do and when to do it. If you resonate with this attitude and find authoritarian figures or instructions tiresome, you might carry hidden feline characteristics. Combine this with a certain cunning intelligence and a sparkling curiosity, and you have the equation for a dashing feline personality.

Your communication style can be another indication. Cats predominantly communicate through body language as opposed to vocal cues. If you lean towards non-verbal communication and can easily read others' emotions through their expressions, body language, or subtle actions, this interaction style can be tethered to your feline alter-ego.

One more humorous indication of your possible cat identity may revolve around your affinity for boxes. It's no secret that cats adore boxes, irrespective of their size or shape. If you have a peculiar fascination or sentimentality towards boxes and containers, this may be a playful nod toward your feline tendencies.

Finally, cats are known for their impeccable grooming habits. Their fastidious nature extends to their living environment as well. Cats appreciate cleanliness and will frequently groom themselves or their surroundings. Do you share a similarly meticulous nature? This could be indicative of your cat kinship.


Is this news? I guess not really. Just funny and interesting stuff.