How to tell if someone is reading your mind


There are a few ways to tell if someone is reading your mind. The first is if they can answer questions that you are thinking about but haven’t vocalized. This could be done through guesswork, but if they are consistently able to accurately answer your thoughts, it’s likely they are reading your mind.

Another way to tell is if the person suddenly knows things they wouldn’t know otherwise. For example, if you are thinking about a secret you’ve never told anyone, and the person then brings up that secret, they are probably reading your mind.

Lastly, if a person can accurately describe your emotions or what you’re thinking about, even if you’re trying to hide it, they are likely reading your mind.

If you suspect someone is reading your mind, pay close attention to their behavior and see if they fit any of the above criteria. If they do, it’s possible they are reading your mind and you should be cautious about what you think around them.

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