How to make your own solar eclipse glasses


A solar eclipse is an amazing phenomenon that happens when the sun, moon, and earth line up just right. On August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse will be visible across the entire United States. If you want to view the eclipse, it is important to wear proper eye protection. Solar eclipse glasses block out 99.999% of the sun’s harmful rays, allowing you to safely look directly at the sun.

You can purchase solar eclipse glasses from many retailers, but it is also possible to make your own. Although homemade solar eclipse glasses are not as safe as commercially-made glasses, they will still provide some protection.

To make your own solar eclipse glasses, you will need:

-Black construction paper



-Aluminum foil



-Cereal box

-White paper


First, use the black construction paper to make a paper hat. Cut a strip of paper that is about 2 inches wide and long enough to wrap around your head. Tape the strip into a loop and then put it on your head to make sure it fits. Adjust the size of the strip as needed and then tape the ends together.

Next, use the aluminum foil to make a visor for your hat. Cut a rectangle of foil that is about 6 inches wide and 10 inches long. Fold the long sides of the rectangle over so that they meet in the middle and then fold the whole thing in half length-wise. Tape the foil visor to the front of the paper hat.

Now, you need to make eyeholes in the visor. Place the visor on your head and mark where your eyes are. Remove the visor and use the scissors to cut out the eyeholes.

Finally, you need to make the lenses for your eclipse glasses. Cut two circles out of the cereal box. These will be the front and back of your lenses. Cut two smaller circles out of the white paper. These will be the inside of your lenses. Tape the white paper circles to the cereal box circles.

Now, put the lenses in the eyeholes of the visor and you’re done! Your homemade solar eclipse glasses are ready to use.

Just remember, homemade eclipse glasses are not as safe as commercially-made glasses. So, don’t look at the sun for too long and make sure to take breaks. And, if you start to feel dizzy or nauseous, take off the glasses and look away from the sun.

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