How to make your own “I’m sorry” card


Making an “I’m Sorry” card is a great way to show someone you’re truly sorry for what you did. This can be a great way to make up for a mistake, apologize for something you did wrong, or simply show someone you care.

The first step is to find a card that you like. You can either use a store-bought card or make your own. If you decide to make your own card, you’ll need to gather some supplies. For the base of the card, you’ll need a piece of cardstock or construction paper. You’ll also need some scissors, glue, and markers or crayons.

Once you have your supplies gathered, you can start making your card. Begin by folding the piece of cardstock in half. Then, use the scissors to cut out a shape for the front of the card. This can be anything you want – a heart, a flower, a star, etc.

After you’ve cut out the shape, it’s time to start decorating the front of the card. Use the markers or crayons to write a message on the front. Something like “I’m sorry” or “I made a mistake” would be appropriate. If you’re really sorry, you could even write a longer message.

Once you’re done decorating the front of the card, it’s time to move on to the inside. On the inside, you can write another message or just sign your name. If you want, you can also include a small gift, like a piece of candy or a flower.

Once you’re finished, all that’s left to do is put the card together. Fold the card in half so that the front and back are glued together. Then, cut a small slit in the top of the card so you can insert the gift, if you’re including one.

That’s it! Your “I’m Sorry” card is now complete.

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