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How to get over your Ex in 10 Easy Steps

It's not uncommon to go through a painful breakup at some point in life. The experience can be extremely painful and emotionally challenging, leaving you feeling lost, even for weeks, months or sometimes years. You constantly obsess about what went wrong and how it could have been fixed. You replay memories in your head, making the process of moving on quite complex. However, it is a process, and in this process, each step counts. The following are ten simple steps to help you navigate through this minefield of emotions and come out on the other side feeling empowered.

1. Acceptance: The first step to getting over your ex is acceptance. Acknowledge the end of the relationship instead of reliving past memories or fantasizing about what could have been. Sticking to hope may seem comforting, but in reality, it could be holding you captive in a never-ending cycle of pain. Accept that the relationship is over and it's time to move on.

2. Keep Your Distance: Try to minimize or even cut off contact with your ex. Avoid checking their social media profiles or asking mutual friends about them. Keeping your distance allows you to view the relationship more objectively and minimizes triggers that can sour your mood and delay recovery.

3. Allow Yourself to Grieve: This is crucial in the healing process. It's okay to feel sad and mourn the end of a significant relationship. Cry if you need to. The bottling up of emotions only prolongs the process of healing. However, make sure to do this in a controlled manner, so you won’t harm yourself by getting lost in sadness.

4. Boost Your Self-esteem: Breakups can lead to a reduction in self-esteem. It's crucial to remind yourself of your worth. Engage in activities that make you feel good about yourself. Write down your strengths and achievements, develop skills or hobbies, and expand your network. These can all contribute to higher self-esteem, which in turn aids the moving on process.

5. Lean on Your Support System: Surround yourself with friends and family - your support system. Spend time with the people who love and care about you. They can act as a strong buffer against negative emotions and provide useful advice. Sharing your pain with others can be therapeutic and comforting.

6. Stay Active: Physical activities, such as exercising, have been proven to reduce stress and improve mood. You don’t have to turn into a professional athlete: a simple daily walk, gym workouts, or participation in a sport you enjoy can work magic. Physical activity also improves your overall health and self-image, contributing to better mental health.

7. Let Go of the Past: Letting go can be difficult, but it is an essential step. Holding onto past resentments or heartbreak can prevent you from moving forward. Try to forgive, not necessarily forget, and let go. This opens up space in your heart for new experiences and relationships.

8. Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness can help you stay focused on the present rather than ruminating on the past. It involves accepting your feelings without judging them. Mindfulness could take the form of meditation, yoga, or any activity that you can do with full awareness and presence.

9. Rediscover Yourself: Use this time to rediscover your interests, passions, and dreams. Often individuals in relationships may compromise on their self-identity. Being single gives you the chance to reconnect with yourself, explore new interests, and redefine who you are out of the context of a relationship.

10. Seek Professional Help: If the pain of the breakup feels unbearable or you're struggling to move forward, seeking professional help could be beneficial. A therapist or counsellor can provide you with the tools to cope better, understand your feelings, and guide you through the process of healing.

Remember, getting over a breakup takes time and everyone heals at their own pace. So don't rush. Breakups can be tough, but they also offer a chance for self-discovery and personal growth. Following these tips can help ease the pain of a breakup, but giving yourself grace and patience through the process is equally as important. Eventually, you'll find yourself in a place where you can look back at your past without pain, and look toward your future with renewed hope and possibility.


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