How Technology Is Changing the Way We Sleep


Sleep is something that we all need. Without it, we start to feel sluggish and tired all the time, and our ability to concentrate starts to plummet. It’s important that we take the time to get enough sleep to remain healthy, but technology is making that process increasingly difficult.

Technology has been a part of our lives for decades now. We can’t go anywhere without being bombarded by gadgets and screens. From smartphones and computers to tablets and televisions, it can be hard to avoid technology altogether. Unfortunately, this easy access to technology has made it more difficult for us to have a good night’s sleep.

The first way that technology is changing the way we sleep is by making it harder to shut down at night. With our phones and computers always in our hands, it’s easy to become immersed in what’s happening on the internet or in the news. This can keep us from winding down and eventually getting to sleep. Staring at a bright screen late at night can also throw off our circadian rhythms, making it harder for us to feel tired and ready for sleep at night.

Technology is also making it harder for us to stay asleep. With our phones always nearby, it’s easy to become distracted by notifications or emails that pop up throughout the night. Plus, the blue light from our screens can be disruptive to our body’s ability to naturally produce melatonin, which helps us to get to sleep.

Finally, technology has made it harder for us to disconnect from our work. With the rise of telecommuting and working from home, technology has made it easier to stay connected to our jobs, even after we’ve gone to bed. This can make it hard to switch off and relax, leading to an increased risk of insomnia.

Although technology has made it harder for us to get enough sleep, there are ways to combat its disruptive effects. Taking a few minutes to disconnect before bed, avoiding screens for an hour or two before sleep, and setting your phone to Do Not Disturb mode can all help to make sure that technology isn’t getting in the way of a good night’s sleep.

In conclusion, technology is changing the way we sleep, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With a few simple steps, we can make sure that technology isn’t getting in the way of getting the rest we need.

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