How social media is ruining our relationships


We’ve all heard the phrase, “you’re not really living if it’s not on Instagram.” And while it’s easy to write this off as another millennial trend, the truth is that social media is having a major impact on the way we interact with our romantic partners. From communicating exclusively through likes and comments to spending more time curating our online persona than actually living our lives, social media is slowly but surely ruining our relationships.

The first way social media is ruining our relationships is by preventing us from truly communicating with our partner. In a world where we can communicate with anyone at any time, we’re increasingly finding that we have less and less to say to the people who are right in front of us. We text instead of talk, like instead of laugh, and emoji instead of express our feelings. As a result, we’re not developing the communication skills we need to maintain a healthy relationship.

Another way social media is ruining our relationships is by making us compare our partner to everyone else. In the past, we might have only compared our partner to our friends and family, but now we’re constantly comparing them to the perfectly curated images we see online. We compare their body to the bodies we see in photos, their relationship to the relationships we see portrayed, and their life to the lives we see lived out in real-time. The result is that we’re never truly happy with what we have, and we’re always looking for something better.

Finally, social media is ruining our relationships by taking away our ability to be alone. In a world where we can be constantly connected to others, we’re finding it harder and harder to be alone with our thoughts. We’re scared of being bored, of being left out, and of being alone. But the truth is that being alone is essential to a healthy relationship. It’s in these moments that we can truly reflect on our relationship, our partner, and ourselves.

If we want to save our relationships, we need to start by unplugging from social media. We need to start communicating with our partner face-to-face, without the distraction of our phones. We need to start being honest about our thoughts and feelings, without the fear of judgement from others. And we need to start embracing the moments we have to ourselves, without the need to fill the silence with likes and comments.

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