How a Complicated Math Problem Led to the Invention of Email


The invention of email is a turning point in modern communications, and its history is a remarkable one. While the idea of digital messaging systems has been around since the invention of the telegraph in the mid-1800s, the development of email as we know it today is a more recent phenomenon, and it all started with a very complicated math problem.

In 1965, a computer scientist at MIT named Tom Jones was trying to solve a difficult math problem. He knew he needed to develop a way of breaking a problem down into smaller components that could then be reassembled in a more easily soluble form. It was a complex challenge, and Jones was having trouble finding an effective solution.

In a moment of inspiration, Jones hit upon an idea that would revolutionize the world of computing. He realized that he could use a decentralized messaging system to break a problem down into small pieces, which could then be sent to different computers to be worked on simultaneously. This was the first concept of a distributed computing system, and it was the foundation of the modern-day email system.

Jones took his idea and ran with it. He developed the concept of breaking a problem down into small parts, and then sending those parts to different computers to be worked on. He called this process “message passing,” and it was the precursor of the modern email system.

Jones wasn’t the only one who had the idea of a distributed computing system. In the early 1970s, two other computer scientists, Ray Tomlinson and Larry Roberts, saw the potential of using distributed computing to help transfer files and data. They developed the first email program, called “SENDMSG.” This program allowed users to send messages from one computer to another, without having to physically be there to do so.

In the years that followed, the email system began to expand. Programs like SENDMSG were modified and improved, and new features were added. Eventually, email became the global messaging system we know today.

The invention of email was a direct result of the complicated math problem that Tom Jones was trying to solve. Without his genius and creativity, the world of digital messaging might have looked very different today. Jones’ breakthrough has led to one of the greatest communications revolutions in history, and it all started with a very complicated math problem.

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