How a College Student Survived On Only $5 A Week



As college tuition rates constantly soar and living costs rise, college students across the country are feeling the financial pinch. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to survive on a limited budget. Take it from one college student who managed to get by on only five dollars a week.

A Few Necessary Changes

The first step to surviving on a limited budget is to make a few necessary changes. This college student refrained from eating out and stuck to simple, healthy meals like oatmeal and soup. She also refused to buy any unnecessary items, like clothes and beauty products. Finally, she lived with her parents, saving on rent and other living expenses.

Frugal Shopping Tips

The college student was able to get by with just five dollars a week by following a few simple frugal shopping tips. She made sure to take advantage of sales, which often slashed prices on items she needed. She also stocked up on items that would last, like peanut butter and canned goods. She also tried to use coupons when she could and buy in bulk to get the most bang for her buck.

Making the Most of Free Resources

The college student also made the most of free resources, like the library. She checked out books, movies, and music to keep herself entertained without spending a dime. She also wrote and researched papers using the library’s computers, saving her money on an internet bill.

Finding Cheap Entertainment

When it came to entertainment, the college student turned to her own creativity to find free or low-cost activities. She attended free movie nights and concerts, went for long walks, and tried out new recipes with friends. She also took advantage of student discounts to see movies, explore new restaurants, and visit local attractions.

The Benefits of Living Frugally

Living on a tight budget had its advantages. The college student learned to be more resourceful and to focus on the things that really mattered to her. She also learned the value of a dollar, which she carried into her adult life.


It is possible to survive on a tight budget, even when you’re a college student. With a few necessary changes and some frugal shopping tips, this college student was able to get by on just five dollars a week. The experience also had its benefits, teaching her the importance of resourcefulness and the value of a dollar.

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