Girl who didn’t speak for years suddenly starts singing in perfect pitch


It was a shocking moment for everyone in the room when the young girl who hadn’t spoken a word in years suddenly started singing in perfect pitch. It was even more unbelievable when it became clear that she knew all the words to the popular song she was belting out.

The girl, who was previously non-verbal, had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. For years, she hadn’t been able to communicate with those around her, but music seemed to be her way of communicating with the world.

While it’s unclear why the girl suddenly started singing, it’s clear that music has had a profound impact on her life. Music has helped her to express herself in a way that she otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

It’s also worth noting that the girl’s sudden singing abilities aren’t just a one-time thing. Since that initial moment, she’s continued to sing and has even started to write her own songs.

It’s an amazing story that shows the power of music and how it can really change lives.

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