Dog Crashes Hockey Game, Refuses To Leave Rink


Dogs are known for doing some pretty amusing things, but one dog recently took it to the next level when it crashed a hockey game and refused to leave the rink. The game was taking place between the West Seneca Wings and the Buffalo Jr. Sabres at the Northtown Center in Amherst, New York on February 9th.

The dog, whose name has been reported as “Buddy”, is believed to have entered the rink through an open gate as the players were warming up for the game. The canine quickly made his way onto the ice and began running around, much to the amusement of the players and spectators alike.

At one point, the dog even attempted to play hockey, picking up one of the sticks that had been left on the ice and running around with it. However, he quickly lost interest and decided to take a break in the middle of the rink, where he decided to rest for a few minutes before getting back up and running around again.

The game had to be delayed as the players waited for the dog to be removed from the ice. Eventually, one of the players managed to grab the dog and escort him out of the arena. However, the pup wasn’t ready to give up just yet, and he bolted back onto the ice before the player could shut the gate behind him.

At this point, the referee stepped in and decided to let the dog stay on the ice until the game could be resumed. The players were given a break while the dog ran around the rink, much to the delight of the crowd. Eventually, the referee managed to corner the pup and remove him from the ice.

The dog was taken to the nearby Buffalo Animal Shelter and is said to be doing well. It’s unclear where he came from, but it’s believed that he may have been a stray.

This isn’t the first time a dog has crashed a hockey game. Back in 2016, a black Labrador Retriever named Baxter made his way onto the ice during a game between the Colorado Eagles and the San Antonio Rampage. The referees allowed the dog to run around for a few minutes before the players managed to catch him and take him off the ice.

It’s unclear why these dogs keep trying to crash hockey games, but one thing is for sure – they sure do provide some entertainment while they’re on the ice!

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