Cheating at chess is nothing new, but a new device is causing controversy!

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Cheating at chess is nothing new. Players have been caught using hidden information, signals, and other devices to gain an unfair advantage for centuries. However, a new chess cheating device is causing controversy among the chess community.

The device, which is being sold on Ebay, is a small camera that can be hidden in a player’s clothing. The camera transmits a live feed of the chess board to a computer, which then runs a chess program to find the best move. The player can then make the best move, without having to think about it themselves.

Critics of the device say that it takes away from the skill of the game, and makes chess into a game of who has the better computer. They also worry that the device could be used to cheat in tournaments.

Supporters of the device say that it can be used to help improve your chess skills. By having the computer find the best move, you can learn from your mistakes and get better at the game. They also argue that the device is not cheating, as long as the player is not using it in a tournament.

What do you think? Is this device cheating, or is it a helpful tool for chess players?

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