BREAKING: Cabbage is declared a biscuit by the tax man


The tax man has declared that cabbage is a biscuit, in a move that could see the price of the popular vegetable skyrocket.

The decision was made after a lengthy review of the classification of the vegetable, which had previously been considered a ‘staple food’ and therefore exempt from VAT.

However, the tax man has now ruled that cabbage is in fact a ‘baked good’ and should be subject to the same 20% tax that is applied to biscuits, cakes and pastries.

The move has been met with outrage by many, who argue that the tax will make cabbage unaffordable for many people.

However, the government has defended the decision, saying that the move will raise much-needed revenue and that the price of cabbage is unlikely to increase by much.

What do you think of the tax man’s decision? Do you think cabbage is a biscuit or a staple food? Let us know in the comments below!

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