Bored Panda Ate My Homework


Bored Panda is a website that is known for its funny and quirky articles. The website was started in 2009 by two Lithuanian brothers, Dainius and Tomas. The website was created as a way to procrastinate from their homework. The name “Bored Panda” comes from the fact that the brothers were often bored when they were doing their homework.

The website has since become very popular, and has been featured in many different publications. The website has also won several awards, including the “Best Entertainment Website” award from the Lithuanian Web Awards.

The website is updated daily with new articles, and there are also many different sections on the website, such as ” Animals”, “Art”, “DIY”, “Fitness”, “Food”, “Humor”, “Lifestyle”, “Parenting”, “Science”, “Technology”, “Travel”, and “Video”.

The website also has a “Bored Panda Store” where you can buy merchandise with the Bored Panda logo on it.

If you’re looking for a website that will make you laugh, and also help you procrastinate from your homework, then Bored Panda is the website for you!

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