5 Weird Weather Patterns You Didn’t Know Were Possible


Weird weather patterns are some of the most extreme and interesting weather events that can happen on Earth. Here are five weird weather patterns that you probably didn’t know were possible.

1. temperature inversion

A temperature inversion is a weather phenomenon that occurs when the air near the ground is cooler than the air above it. This can cause a number of strange effects, including making the sky appear hazy or red, and making sounds travel farther than they normally would.

2. gravity waves

Gravity waves are created when masses of air are forced to move up and down by the gravity of a nearby object, such as a mountain. These waves can cause the air to ripple and create strange patterns in the clouds.

3. false sunrise

A false sunrise is when the sun appears to rise in the wrong place, due to an optical illusion caused by the Earth’s atmosphere. This can happen when there is a layer of dense air near the ground, which reflects the light of the sun back towards the sky.

4. haboob

A haboob is a type of sandstorm that can form when a column of hot air rises quickly and then cools, causing the sand to be blown upwards into the air. Haboobs can be incredibly large and can cause visibility to be reduced to zero.

5. will-o’-the-wisp

Will-o’-the-wisp is the name given to strange lights that have been seen in swamps and bogs. These lights are thought to be caused by the release of methane gas from decaying plants.

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