5 things you didn’t know about your favorite TV show


You may think you know everything there is to know about your favorite TV show – after all, you’ve seen every episode multiple times and can quote every line. But there are always some behind-the-scenes secrets that even the biggest fans don’t know. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about your favorite TV show:

1. The actors don’t always get along.

You’d think that working on a TV show would be like one big happy family, but that’s often not the case. While the cast may seem friendly on camera, there are often backstage feuds and arguments. In some cases, the tension is so bad that the actors refuse to speak to each other when they’re not filming.

2. The sets are often reused.

TV shows are expensive to produce, so the sets are often reused for multiple episodes. This is why you’ll see the same furniture and décor in different rooms from one episode to the next. If you look closely, you might even be able to spot some of the same props being used in different scenes.

3. The scripts are often rewritten at the last minute.

The writers of your favorite TV show are often making changes to the scripts right up until filming starts. This means that the actors have to be prepared to improvise and change their performance at a moment’s notice.

4. The show’s creator often has final say.

When it comes to the creative direction of the show, the creator usually has the final say. This means that they have a lot of control over the plot, the characters, and the overall tone of the show.

5. The show is often edited down.

Most TV shows are filmed in front of a live audience, which means that there are often hours of footage that need to be edited down to fit into a 60-minute episode. This is why you’ll often see scenes that seem to be missing pieces, or dialogue that doesn’t seem to make sense.

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