5 things to do this weekend if you’re bored


If you’re bored this weekend and don’t know what to do, here are five suggestions:

1. Catch up on some reading. Whether you’ve been meaning to read a certain book for awhile or you just want to relax with a good magazine, this is a great way to spend some time.

2. Get outside. Even if it’s just for a walk around the block, getting some fresh air can do wonders for your mood and energy level.

3. Declutter your space. This can be your home, office, car, etc. Taking some time to get rid of things you don’t need can help you feel more organized and less stressed.

4. Cook or bake something new. Trying out a new recipe can be a fun way to change up your usual routine.

5. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile. Whether it’s an old friend, a family member, or even just a acquaintance, reconnecting with someone can brighten your day.

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