5 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat Out Again


If you’re trying to save money, eating out at restaurants is one of the first things you should cut back on. Here are five reasons why you should never eat out again:

1. It’s Expensive

Restaurants markup their prices significantly, often charging two to three times what the food costs them to make. This is especially true for items like appetizers, drinks, and desserts, which have high profit margins. Even if you stick to ordering entrees, you’re likely paying more than you would if you made the same meal at home.

2. You Can’t Control the Quality or Quantity of the Food

Have you ever been served a tiny portion that didn’t quite satisfy your hunger? Or ordered a dish that sounded good but was bland and unappetizing? When you eat out, you’re at the mercy of the chef and have no control over the quality or quantity of the food.

3. It’s Not as Healthy

Restaurant food is often loaded with salt, fat, and calories. This is because chefs need to make dishes that taste good enough to get customers coming back, and that usually means using lots of unhealthy ingredients. Even supposedly healthy items like salads can be surprisingly unhealthy, thanks to things like high-calorie dressings and fried toppings.

4. The Service is Often Slow and Inattentive

Have you ever had to wait forever for your food to arrive, only to have it come out cold or inaccurate? And then had to flag down your server multiple times just to get a refill on your drink? Bad service is all too common at restaurants, especially during busy times.

5. It’s Not as Relaxing as You Might Think

Eating out can be a rushed and stressful experience, especially if you’re trying to get in and out quickly to avoid a long wait. And even if you do have time to linger, it’s not always relaxing when you’re surrounded by strangers.

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