3 Tips for Being a Better Networker: How to Make Connections That Last


Networking is an essential part of professional success. It is not about meeting people and quickly exchanging business cards, but about cultivating relationships with people who have something to offer you — and whom you can offer something in return. Here are three tips to help you become a better networker and make lasting connections.

1. Invest in Your Networking

Successful networking is an investment. To make a lasting connection, you must be willing to commit to spending time — both in person and online — cultivating relationships. Attend networking events and conferences, join professional organizations, and participate in online communities. While it may not seem like a priority while you’re busy, it is essential to make sure you stay connected and up-to-date on the latest trends.

2. Be Genuine and Authentic

When networking, it is important to be genuine and authentic. Building relationships is more than just exchanging business cards and trying to gain something from each other. It is about sharing your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with each other in a meaningful way. Take the time to really get to know people by asking questions and actively listening to their responses. Be genuine in your conversations and be yourself. People will appreciate it and want to form a deeper connection with you.

3. Follow-up and Stay in Touch

Networking is not a one-time event. To make lasting connections, it is important to follow-up and stay in touch with people. Make sure you keep their contact information and make time for conversations. Regularly reach out to check in and make sure that your contact is still interested in maintaining the relationship. If you have something of value to offer, offer it. People will appreciate the gesture and feel more connected to you.

Networking is not something that happens overnight. It takes time and effort to build relationships and make meaningful connections. By investing in your networking, being genuine and authentic, and following-up and staying in touch with people, you can make lasting connections and become a better networker. Good luck!

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