10 Weird and Wonderful Things You Didn’t Know About Sharks


With their razor-sharp teeth and cold, dead eyes, sharks have long been the stuff of nightmares. But despite the stereotypes, sharks are actually remarkable creatures that are far more interesting and complex than they are given credit for. Here are ten weird and wonderful facts that you probably didn’t know about these incredible creatures.

1) Sharks Can Be Blind: Some species of shark, such as the nurse shark and the blind shark, have evolved to become completely blind. They have adapted to life in the deep sea, where there is very little light, by losing their eyes entirely.

2) Sharks Have Amazingly Powerful Sense of Smell: Sharks have an incredibly acute sense of smell, which allows them to detect prey from up to half a mile away. They can even detect a single drop of blood in a million drops of water.

3) Sharks Have a Sixth Sense: Sharks have an organ, known as the “ampullae of Lorenzini”, which allows them to detect the electric fields of prey. This allows them to locate their prey even in murky water, or when visibility is low.

4) Some Sharks Don’t Swim: The bottom-dwelling shark, also known as the Basking Shark, does not swim. Instead, it slowly moves along the seabed.

5) Sharks Can Live For Over a Century: Some species of shark, such as the Greenland shark, can live for over a century. In fact, the oldest living shark is thought to be over 400 years old.

6) Sharks Can Change Gender: Some species of shark, such as the leopard shark, can change gender during their lifetime. This usually occurs when the male population of a particular area becomes too low, as the female sharks will then switch genders in order to restore balance.

7) Sharks Have an Immune System: Sharks possess an incredibly advanced immune system which helps them to fight off infections and diseases. This system is so advanced, in fact, that scientists are currently researching it in the hopes of finding a cure for cancer.

8) Sharks Can Detect Low-Frequency Sounds: Sharks have an incredible ability to detect low-frequency sound waves from miles away. This allows them to detect potential prey, and also helps them to communicate with other members of their species.

9) Sharks Can Survive in Freshwater: Some species of shark, such as the bull shark, can survive in both salt and freshwater. This allows them to move between rivers and the ocean in search of food.

10) Sharks Are Not Always Aggressive: Contrary to popular belief, sharks are not always aggressive. In fact, most shark attacks are a result of sharks mistaking humans for their natural prey, rather than out of aggression.

So there you have it, ten weird and wonderful facts about sharks that you probably didn’t know. It is clear to see that these incredible creatures are far more complex and interesting than they are given credit for, and that they deserve our respect and admiration.

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