10 things you didn’t know about the moon


Did you know that the Moon is not a perfect sphere? Its equatorial diameter is about 3,475 km, which is about 27 km less than its polar diameter. This makes it an oblate spheroid.
The Moon is not the same color all over. The dark patches that you can see are called maria, and they are areas where lava flowed across the surface after impact craters formed. The lighter regions are called highlands, and they are made up of anorthosite, a type of igneous rock.
The Moon doesn’t have any atmosphere, which means that there is no wind or weather on the surface. Without an atmosphere, there is also no protection from the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation.
The Moon doesn’t have any water. Although there is evidence that water ice exists in shadowed craters near the poles, it is too spread out to be useful.
The Moon doesn’t have any quakes. This is because it doesn’t have any plate tectonics.
The Moon doesn’t have any natural satellites.
The Moon’s diameter is about a quarter of Earth’s.
The Moon is about 380,000 km from Earth.
The Moon orbits Earth once every 27.3 days.
The Moon’s average surface temperature is 107°C during the day and -153°C at night.

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