10 things you didn’t know about sloths


There are approximately six different species of sloth, all of which live in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Sloths are characterized by their long claws, and most notably, their slow movements. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about sloths.

1. Sloths are among the slowest moving animals on the planet. Their top speed is about nine meters per minute, which is slower than the average human walking speed.

2. Sloths are excellent swimmers and have been known to cross rivers.

3. Sloths are known to be good climbers and can even hang upside down from tree branches for long periods of time.

4. Sloths are nocturnal animals and spend most of their time sleeping in trees.

5. Sloths have a very low body temperature and a slow metabolism.

6. Sloths have a very poor sense of sight but make up for it with an excellent sense of hearing.

7. Sloths are known to be very shy and timid animals.

8. Sloths are herbivores and their diet consists mostly of leaves, fruits, and insects.

9. Sloths are believed to have originated in South America and first appeared in the fossil record about 35 million years ago.

10. Sloths are one of the most endangered animals in the world due to habitat loss and hunting.

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