10 things you didn’t know about prehistoric animals


1. Prehistoric animals were massive! Some estimates suggest that the largest animal to have ever lived was a titanosaur which could weigh in at around 140 tonnes – that’s the same as 14 African elephants!

2. Prehistoric animals were often very brightly coloured. Scientists think that this may have been for camouflage or to attract mates, but we’re not quite sure.

3. Prehistoric animals had some weird and wonderful features. For example, the theropod dinosaurs had hollow bones which made them lighter and helped them to run faster.

4. Prehistoric animals are often thought of as being slow and sluggish, but this isn’t always the case. Some, like the velociraptor, were actually quite fast and agile.

5. Prehistoric animals lived in all sorts of different environments. From the hot deserts to the cold tundra, there was a prehistoric animal to suit every climate.

6. Prehistoric animals didn’t just live on land – some, like the ichthyosaurus, were actually marine reptiles.

7. Prehistoric animals weren’t just huge – some, like the moa, were actually quite small. The smallest moa ever found was just over a metre tall!

8. Prehistoric animals didn’t always live alone – some, like the hadrosaur, lived in huge herds.

9. Prehistoric animals were often preyed upon by other prehistoric animals. The biggest predator of all was the T. rex, which could weigh up to six tonnes!

10. We’re still learning new things about prehistoric animals all the time. For example, scientists recently discovered a new species of dinosaur, the Hualianceratops.

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