10 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Google


Nowadays, we are so used to using Google that we don’t even think twice about it. We use it to find information, to communicate with others, to book tickets and accommodation, to buy things… the list goes on. But have you ever stopped to think about the implications of using Google? Here are 10 reasons why you should never use Google:

1. Google is a monopoly

Google is a massive company that has become a monopoly in many areas. This means that it can charge high prices and offer poor service without any real competition.

2. Google is snooping on you

Google is constantly collecting data about you, even when you’re not using its services. This includes information about your location, search history, and the websites you visit. All this data is then used to target you with ads.

3. Google is biased

Google’s algorithms are designed to promote its own products and services, and downrank those of its competitors. This means that you’re not getting an impartial view of the world when you use Google.

4. Google is censoring information

Google is increasingly censoring information that it doesn’t agree with. This includes removing results from its search engine and banning websites from its advertising platform.

5. Google is a tax dodger

Google is notorious for avoiding paying taxes. This is unfair to small businesses and everyday taxpayers who have to foot the bill.

6. Google is destroying the environment

Google’s servers use a huge amount of energy, which contributes to climate change. Furthermore, the company’s data centres produce a lot of toxic waste.

7. Google is contributing to income inequality

Google’s business model relies on exploiting workers in low-wage countries. This is contributing to the growing problem of income inequality.

8. Google is making us lazy

By making information so readily available, Google is encouraging us to be lazy. We no longer need to remember things or think for ourselves.

9. Google is making us stupid

Related to the point above, Google is dumbing down society. We’re no longer learning how to find information for ourselves or develop our own critical thinking skills.

10. There are alternatives to Google

There are many alternative search engines and social media platforms that don’t have the same problems as Google. So there’s no need to continue supporting a company that is doing so much harm.

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