10 Fun Facts About Socks


Socks are one of the most commonly worn items of clothing. They come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Although they are often seen as a necessity, socks can also be a fashion statement. Here are 10 fun facts about socks:

1. The average person owns 12 pairs of socks.

2. Socks were first worn in the 9th century by the Arabs.

3. The word “sock” comes from the Latin word “soccus”, which means “light slipper”.

4. The first socks were made from animal skin.

5. The oldest pair of socks in the world were found in Egypt and are dated back to the 3rd century AD.

6. In the Middle Ages, socks were a status symbol. Only the wealthy could afford to wear socks made from silk or wool.

7. In the 18th century, socks were made from cotton.

8. In the 19th century, machine-made socks became available.

9. In the 20th century, nylon was introduced as a sock material.

10. Today, there are socks for every occasion, from dress socks to sports socks.

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